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This a page of quotes from different characters... There isn't really any meaning here, it's just different quotes that I like... ^.^

Yami Yugi / Yugi:

Yami: "That ancient power is not yours to take!"
Yugi: "You tell him! There's no way he's getting his hands on your power!"
Yami: "I just did..."
Yugi: "Okay."

Yugi: "Ready or not, Spirit, this is where you take over!"
Yami: (yelling at Puzzle)"Hey! Yugi! I'm not- You can't- This isn't a duel!" *Sees Tea* "hello..."

Yami: "I sense a darkness approaching..."

Yami Yugi: "Come on heart of the cards... guide me!"

Yami Yugi: "I've heard enough! Let's duel!"

Yami Yugi: "To do that you'll have to defeat me Marik, and break the heart of the cards! And that will not happen..."
(bleah! 'Marik' I like Malik better... but it says Marik in the show and the Japanese quote wouldn't be the same!)

Yami Yugi: "You'll never win my Millennium Puzzle if you continue dueling like that"

Yami Yugi: "Exodia, Obliterate!"

Yami Yugi: "Kaiba, if you truly want to know... open your mind!!"

Yami Yugi: "Some kind of Dueling Dance Game?"

Yami Yugi: "Dark Magician, show him some real magic!"

Yami Yugi: "Tea, may I finish off your opponent?"

Yami Yugi: "That's enough, this is not a game Kaiba!"

Seto Kaiba:

Kaiba: "Why is a complete amateur like you wearing one of my duel disks, Wheeler?"

Kaiba: "Looks like someone screwed up in registration..."

Kaiba: "You fool! Looks like I'll have to teach you to behave... like the dog you are!"

Kaiba: "Get on your feet Yugi!"
Yami Yugi: "Kaiba!"
Kaiba: "Since when do you bow to your rivals?"
Yami Yugi: "Never!"
Kaiba: "Then get up and stop embarassing yourself so you can defeat this nobody and relieve him of his Egyptian God card..."

Kaiba: "You'll never take me alive!" *jumps out an extremely high window*


Rex Raptor : "He duels using ESP."
Joey: "You mean he's psycho?!"
Rex Raptor: "It's PSYCHIC!!"

Joey: "Bring it on psycho boy!"
Espa Roba: "It's Psychic!!"

Joey: "Gigantic Doughnut!"

Joey: "Hey, let go of that! .... That's my pizza!"

Joey: "Tristan... I think I feel a challenge coming on here..."

Joey: "Kaiba you're toast!"

Joey: "Just think of it this way Tea... there's 2 Yugis. The cool one up there, and...the puny one down here."
Yugi: "Ohhh! That's not how it works at all!!"

Joey: "Rule # 1 in the Joey Wheeler rule book, never back down from a challenge..."

Joey: "How'd you know? Did ya see it in the stars!?"
Espa Roba: "No dork, it's in the rulebook!"

Joey: "Okay.... that's enough from the peanut gallery..."

Joey: "So I'll take down this cosmic clown, even if he is psycho...."
Rex Raptor: "Psychic!!"

Joey: "And now it's time to go fishing! And I know just where to find the catch of the day!"

Joey: "Wha? Never saw a guy kiss a card before?"

Joey: "I'm just gonna play dumb..."
Tristan: "Play dumb?"

Joey: "Come to papa!"

Joey: "Welcome to Loserville Weevil. Population.... you!"


Mai: "Dork... of course we're friends."

Mai: "That little furball isn't an important step to anything, except for maybe choking a cat..."

Mai: "Look, it's totally ferocious Yugi! I think it wants to attack Harpie's Pet Dragon single handedly! Ha ha ha!"

(The urge to write "friendship" in capital letters is very strong....)

Tea: "This guy may have some flashy moves Yugi... but not flashy enough to scare me away!"

Tea: "Get a life Johnny..."

Tea: "The Spirit's in major trouble!"

Tea: "...Yugi walked into a tent and disappeared!..."

Tea: "Your friends will be right there by your side searching along with you..."

Tea: "Tell me, how many friends do you have?" (notice a pattern here?)

Tea: "Give it up..."


Tristan: "Yeah, but Yugi... You have to remember, one of those minds are Joey's and that's like subtracting a mind from the group..."

Tristan: "Yeah! That Millennium Ring of yours made you act like a total freak again!"

Tristan: "I brought you a little entertainment..."
Serenity: "A yo-yo?"

Ryou Bakura / Yami Bakura:

Bakura: "Tristan that's not the rope, that's my leg!"
Tristan: "Well, climb faster!"

Bakura: "Great Scott! It's Not!"

Yami Bakura: "You may indeed sense me now, but you won't remember any of this later.... Erase their minds!"

Yami Bakura: "Present day humans are so fun to terrorize, don't you think?"

Yami Bakura: "With a new hand, comes a whole new perspective, the game, ever shifting, new dangers surround every corner!"

Malik Ishtar:

Malik: "You're not worthy of the ancient powers that lay hidden within you..."

Malik: "I wonder who'll be next... So tell me Pharaoh, which of your friends would make the better mind slave... Tea? Joey perhaps?"

Malik (through possessed 'Strings') "Prepare to experience an ancient force like no other!"

Malik (through possessed 'Strings'): "It really is a pity your magician had to leave us so soon..."
Yami Yugi:"Who says she's gone?"
Malik: "I did!"

Malik (through possessed 'Strings'): "You underestimated me as a duelist and for that you must pay a price!"

Other Random Quotes:

"In ancient Egypt there existed a force so powerful it had to be locked away for a millenia, now one boy has released the power. IT'S TIME TO DUEL!" (I'm not quite sure about this one... I saw it on a Yu-Gi-Oh poster and thought it sounded cool ^.^)

Hooded people while Pegasus is dueling using the Tablets / Shadow Game: "Realm of shadows in this twilight hour, accept these souls and grant us power..."

Mokuba: "Joey... you're an okay duelist and all, but playing against you would be a waste of my big brother's time..."

Pegasus: "Curse you Yugi Moto! Curse you and your Kuribohs!"

Johnny Steps: "Stay outta this Porcupine-Head!"

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