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The Millennium Items (the Sennen Items in the original Japanese version) are from the days of Ancient Egypt and the Shadow Games. The Pharaoh locked away the dark powers into these seven items to protect the world. Yugi Moto unlocked these powers by solving the Millennium Puzzle. Each item is meant for a specific person and the item will test the person before allowing them to own it. Each item has power and most who have one, crave to have them all, such as Yami Bakura.

Millennium Puzzle
Owner: Yugi Moto / Yuugi Motou
This item contains the spirit of the ancient Pharaoh, (also known as Yami ^.^). The person who solves the puzzle gets the ability to merge with the spirit, which in the case of Yugi makes him bigger, stronger, (even better looking... if that's possible!) and more courageous. The spirit cares a lot for his host (Yugi) and does everything to protect him. It also makes the person good at all games! As well, it can return souls to their proper bodies and can rid the mind of evil (also known as "mind crush" He did it to Kaiba, some person threatening Tea... and so on!).
In season one, the spirit (Yami) was a little more insane. While it made the person good at games, the spirit will punish any who does not play his game properly by driving them insane, seriously injuring them, or even killing them. In one case, he set someone on fire!

Millennium Ring
Owner: Ryou Bakura
The Millennium Ring has the spirit of a tomb robber inside it. Unlike the spirit of the puzzle, the ring spirit does not care much for his host and often abuses him. This spirit also craves to own all of the items. He has already managed to steal the Millennium Eye from a weakened Pegasus. The item has the power to to erase short term memories. (as shown in the episode where Tea, Tristan, and Bakura were exploring the castle at Duelist Kingdom and were caught by Pegasus) It can also send souls to the Shadow Realm and bring the cards to life (but I think all items can do this...) The Ring can sense the power of the other items and can direct the owner to them. It also has the ability to track things other than the Millennium Items. Another power of the Millennium Ring is the ability to see into people's souls.

Millennium Eye
Owner: Maxamillion Pegasus / Pegasus J. Crawford
Pegasus received his Millennium Eye 7 years ago, after following Shadi into the ancient tomb where the items were being kept. Shadi told him the only way he could leave was if he was chosen by one of the items. Pegasus's only wish was to see his beloved Cecilia / Cynthia again, and after being chosen, the Millennium Eye allowed him to do that. The power of the item corrupts Pegasus, who becomes obsessed with getting more power, hoping to be able to bring back his dead love. There doesn't appear to be a spirit in the Eye, though its power seems to have turned Pegasus a little... insane! The Millennium Eye has the power to read people's minds, see through their eyes, and steal people's souls and send them to the Shadow Realm. When he steals the souls, they turn into the form of a card. Pegasus had this item stolen by Yami Bakura after losing his duel to Yugi.

Millennium Key / Ankh
Owner: Shadi
Shadi, the guardian of the Millennium Items, wears the key around his neck. The key has the ability to see into people's souls, and let the bearer enter people's minds. One of the times Shadi uses it is to enter Yugi's mind, when he was trying to find the person who stole Pegasus's Millennium Eye. With the key, Shadi could wander freely through Yugi's soul room, and Yami allowed Shadi to enter his soul room. If something happens to Shadi in the soul room, like if he were to fall into one of Yami's mind traps, he'd be trapped inside the mind. The key also allows the owner to see into the person's past and change their personality.

Millennium Scale
Owner: Shadi
Shadi has two millennium items, the Key and the Scales. The Scales are not shown being used in the show. They have the ability to tell if someone is lying. You put a feather on one end of the scale, and the person's heart on the other. If the heart is heavier, they're lying and their heart is full of sin. There is not very much information on this item, because none of the main characters have encountered it yet.

Millennium Necklace / Tauk
Owner: Ishizu Ishtar / Isis Ishtal
Isis is the owner of the Millennium Necklace (or Millennium Tauk if you're going by the Japanese version... I don't see why the dub people change it, but who does understand their horrible dubbing and censoring anyways??) The 'necklace' has the power to see into the past and future. It can also show others visions of the past. The future shown by the necklace can be changed by another Millennium Item. After losing her duel to Kaiba, which proved her item wrong, Isis feels hope for the future, and decides to give her Millennium Item to Yugi. This is another of the items that doesn't appear to have a spirit inside it.

Millennium Rod
Owner: Marik Ishtar / Malik Ishtal
Malik is the brother of Isis, and is also the holder of a Millennium Item, the Millennium Rod. The rod is a powerful item, and gives the user the ability to brain wash people and take over people's mind and bodies, turning them into "mind slaves." The rod can also be converted into a dagger by removing the bottom piece. The rod's mind control ability can work on many people at once. Malik offers the rod, along with the rest of the Millennium Items, to Yami Bakura, but only if he can defeat Yami (or I think to kill him in the Japanese one... stupid dub...).

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